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Better Diagrams

Good diagrams accelerate collaboration, improve design and explain software to users and customers. But for many developers and architects, drawing a diagram is painful and frustrating, or simply not worth the effort. By understanding what’s being drawn the right tools can remove the frustration for simpler, clearer and more powerful diagrams.

the nifdi approach = drawing-first

We believe that sketching is thinking, and we want to capture the power of paper and whiteboard. We’re focusing on actual drawing with a mouse or on a tablet, rather than relying on textual programming or prompting.


Do the fiddly things automatically. Everything should line up, lines should stay neat, and the whole diagram should be attractive, without effort.


Don’t spend time bending an idea to a fit a rigid data model: just start sketching and drawn whatever feels most natural.

nifdi tools are early in development. Please leave your email if you’d like to be kept up to date, or see an early preview.

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